HKU Wong Chuk Hang MiC Project

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“BIM Square”: Blockchain and i-Core-enabled Multi-stakeholder Building Information Modelling Platform for Construction Logistics and Supply Chain Management in Hong Kong (ITP/029/20LP)


As a vibrant industry in a resource-limited city, construction in Hong Kong is highly relied on construction logistics and supply chain management (CLSCM) around a more connected globe. Almost every piece of construction materials and components must be sourced from outside suppliers and transported back to congested sites in Hong Kong. The CLSCM attracts much more attention from multiple stakeholders, especially as more expensive assets such as complex precast components and Modular integrated Construction (MiC) units are shipped every day. The importance of CLSCM, therefore, can never be overemphasized. 

The local universities and the industry have collaboratively developed a world-renowned reputation by embracing the latest technological solutions to CLSCM, e.g., BIM + IoT solutions for CLSCM. However, persistent problems on trust and interoperability of information, e.g., related to quality assurance, provenance, traceability, compliance, and efficiency, are challenging the extensive and profound impact of such solutions.

Blockchain is a state-of-the-art technology well-known for its distributed, trustworthy digital “ledger” – even works in a complete no-trust peer network.  Therefore, by nature, the current problems in practice also warrant an acute need to explore the blockchain technology in CLSCM in terms of transparency, accountability, integrity, and efficiency.

Aim and Objectives 

This project aims to develop a Blockchain and i-Core-enabled Multi-stakeholfer Building Information Model Platform for enhancing CLSCM.


Thus, the proposed project aims to deliver an innovative BIM-Square platform consisting of (i) laaS core technologies and protocois, (ii) BaaS structure and interfaces, and (iii) SaaS process management and quality assurance applications.


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