BIM Square held the first workshop

Hong KongĀ·09 February 2021-BIM Square held the first workshop in the Knowles Building 730, The University of Hong Kong , for introduction and communication. Mr TAM, King Leung, Mr CHU, Yiu Leung, Mr CHUNG, Ka Lung Gary, Mr Hui M. H. Terence, Prof. LU, Weisheng Wilson, Dr XUE, Fan, Dr LI, Xiao, etc., attended this workshop.

Prof. LU, Weisheng Wilson and Dr LI, Xiao introduced the current progress of the project and the research breakthroughs in Blockchain BIM, Blockchain Oracle, and TABS in production. Meanwhile, for the practicality of the project, the project team also made some progress in the system development and business process analysis. Paul Y introduced the whole workflow including the requirements of the technology details, as well as the application scenario description.

This workshop provided a communication platform for the investigators, sponsors, and project members, which was beneficial to the further implementation of the project.